Flatsome Theme & Woozone image Size Fix

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So i've finally found a way to fix the sizes of the images on your Flatsome and Woozone Amazon affilate site. I did come up with a work around in the last Amazon Affilate FAQ video but this fix is a bit quicker and doesn't require a re-import.

Anyway, just paste this code into the custom CSS all screens box in the flatsome settings. Take a look at the video for more info. Here's the CSS you need..

.box-image {
width: 250px; 
height: 320px;

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  1. Hey Alex,thanks for your great content,i`ve searched for Flatsome on Themeforest and it costs 59$,does it work on 1 website or i can use it on multiple websites.Do you have affiliate links for themeforest?

  2. Hey Alex love your content I created my website by following your kingdom theme Amazon affiliate video. I have close to 800 products but I’m still working on trying to fix the image issues(some are square and some are rectangle) but if you wanna check it out it’s peculiarpresents.com

  3. Hello!

    This image fix has a few issues which i’m not sure if anyone can help out with … when you view on mobile as the images are then way too big – you need to add in some media query breakpoints (or use the ALL, before iPad and mobile CSS windows in the theme options).

    Another issue is that that adjusting the .box-image CSS effects other element not on a product page, like the category images on the Flatsome Vendor homepage, as an example (they all go crazy when you add in the snippet)

    I can’t seem to just pick the product image CSS selector so it only effects the product images – any ideas?


  4. I am facing the same problem as evil monkey 90210 🙁
    Does anyone has better luck with some other/additional CSS?

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for this. It works. But I’ve a problem with my pictures.

    My site is actually on Prestashop and I would like to remake it on woocommerce.

    If I use regenerate thumbnails, I have only the center of the picture. Do you know how I can have the totality of my picture ? There are a lot of days I’l trying to work on this problem.
    Sorry for my english.
    Thanks in advance for your answer

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH REALLY SO MUCH! I’ve been struggling working on all tool, all code, etc and nothing’s worked. This one saves me!

  7. hey there thanks for the great info but in my website after apply this code still my some images are not getting responsive view any solution?

  8. hi!

    i tried uploading different sizes of logo formats, but it always turns out blurry: kattenmandenstore.nl

    how could i solve this please? Thanks!

    1. Author

      If you’re running a mac with retina you will need to upload a version that’s twice as big and has @2x on the end to the media library

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