Kingdom Theme – Image Alignment Fix

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An aligned image with a caption that's not aligning correctly.

A number of WP Eagle regulars have been in touch with me to ask about a problem with images when using the Kingdom Theme.  It seems that images with a caption don't align themselves properly, even when they are set to left or right align..

It's an easy fix, all you need to do is add the following code to the additional CSS section within the Appearence – > customize section in your WordPress dashboard.

.wp-caption.alignright {
    margin: 5px 0 20px 20px;
    float: right;
.wp-caption.alignleft {
    margin: 5px 0 20px 20px;
    float: left;

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  1. HI Alex

    Thank you for your video it has been awesome!!!!

    I have a couple of questions..

    1. How do I link the email address captured in the Cart to mailchimp?
    2. I have the green ‘free shipping’ tag on my product image but it is covering half of the page.
    3. My main product image has different sizes when you scroll through and in some cases an image has a part of the previous image in it.

    Apart from that I just need to finish updating with products and rewrite my About us page and I am good to go.

    Thanks so much again.


    1. Author

      Hi Kelly. In reply.
      1. I don’t think you can easily. You’ll have to download the emails in the CSV and upload them to Mailchip.
      2. You can adjust the tags in the Woozone Plugin Settings
      3. This is probably down to your theme. Check the size settings in Appearance->Cuztomize->Woocommerce – Good luck with your site.

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