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  • August 4, 2017 at 1:24 pm #4507

    Hi everybody!

    Another follower trying to make this work!

    I started Architect Gadgets ( ) around two months ago. I have been busy with other things so I have not been able to develop it as much as I wanted to. In any case, I am struggling to get people to my site (I have an average of 5 visitors lately) and so far I have not made any commission. I think this will improve once I start to rank higher in Google (currently in 2nd to 4th page for the keywords I have checked)

    Do you guys have any advise on how to improve it? I have been trying to get feedback from visitors or people that have liked my page on Facebook, but so far I have not had any feedback. I will keep trying and hopefully it will start paying off soon.



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