Does the affiliate program works only with Amazon ?

  • July 25, 2017 at 8:30 pm #4505

    Hi Alex, hello people …

    I am new to this, I’ve seen so many videos and tutorial online so far ( many of them pure cra# ) but tanks to you Alex, now I am very keen to learn more about this area.
    So … my questions to start are :

    1. I’ve aplied for affiliate program, but Amazon denied my aplication saying that my website is still under construction and they want to see the content … but how am I going to do then ? If you need the website to be live in order to get aproved but at the same time I need to be aproved in order to get products on the website ?!? I hope you can understand me .

    2. Is it possible to have an website where you can import products from Amazon … as well from other companies that have affiliate programs AND to sell your own products ?
    Can you do this kind of mix ? Or is it necesary to create a different website for each ?

    Thanks in advance

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