Amazon PA API Version 4 to 5 upgrade

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In this video, I explain what the Amazon Product Advertising API upgrade from 4 to 5 means to you and your site. If you've recently had an email from Amazon about this, you'll want to watch this video.

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  1. Hi Alex

    I have a big problem with my Wozo Configuration: Amazon Access Key Amazon Secret Key My Designer added these Keys and the results ” INVALID” I contacted Amazon 5 times and every time they reffer me t0 API. Last time I contacted they said I have to have atleast 3 sales before I can get AWS Keys?
    Designer has given up on my Project. I thought I contact you before I giveup on Amazon and go to eBay Affliate. I have purchased eBay plugin.
    My website
    Please advice.
    Many thanks

    Best regards

    1. Author

      You do need 3 sales before you get your keys I’m afraid. You can import products without them using the Wzone no API and promote products within blog content using your Sitestripe links..

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