update #1 (Adsense, Content & More)

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A few days ago I uploaded my full-length tutorial on how I created my most recent Amazon Affiliate Website, The site is a simple WordPress blog that I'm going to fill with content around the Roof Cargo Box niche.

In this video I share with you everything I've done to the website since launch including getting Google AdSense Approval, adding more content, installing a firewall and my latest Amazon earnings.

If you haven't got time to watch the video, here's the key points.

  • I've added and improved more articles from preffered content creation service, Textun.
  • Increased the number of posts showing on the homepage. I also made all the post boxes the same height.
  • Installed WordFence to add an extra layer of security to the website.
  • Added a privacy and cookie policy to the site.
  • Added an annoying cookie consent message, to keep the EU happy.
  • I got approved for Google Adsense

I'll be sharing loads more updates, so be sure to subscribe to the channel on YouTube. If you've create you're own Amazon Affiliate Website I would love to hear how it's going. Leave me a comment below.

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