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We all freaked out a bit by the new Amazon terms and how difficult (virtually impossible) it now seems to be to get access to the Amazon API keys. The prospect of manually adding products to our websites was not very exciting. But the devs over at AA team (the creators of the Woozone (Wzone) plugin) are on it and have released the latest version of WZone with a brand new feature… easily import products without the need of an API key.

This is a huge improvement on the last version, where you could add products without an API key but it was a laborious task. With the latest version of WZone you can search for products, que them up and import them, just like you can with the API.

‘Is this even allowed?’ we hear you cry. Well, yes it is. Alexandra Dinca, co-founder of AA Team got in touch to say that the new import-without-API-keys feature is basically the equivalent of adding a product to your website manually. You just have to make sure that if you are displaying a price, you serve the link that shows that price and availability.  

You have to have the new price option active (it’s under the Config tab in WZone). That will display price like this: Price: $ 32.77 (as of 14:11 EST- More info)  

You then have to make sure that you are using the link to the product that goes with that price and availability. You also have to make sure you are using remote images, but the plugin is set to do that by default, so no action on your part is required there.


Firstly, make sure you have the most up to date version of WZone installed. If you are having trouble updating, and we know some of you are, you can install the latest version manually. Follow this video where we show you how.

Firstly, go to your WordPress dashboard and find launch Woozone

Now find the No PA API Keys tab:

Click Import Products:

You will have to install and activate the Chrome Extension WZone Direct Import:

Next you will be asked to input your WZone purchase code to validate the Direct Import Extension. You can find that at CodeCanyon on your downloads page.

Now, find the products you want to import. To help you can select your region, your Amazon category, and add some keywords.

Choose the products you want to import.

You can import products as Simple or Variable (variable is for products like clothes or shoes or homewares where there are different sizes or colours or shapes or smells.

Check that the import was successful by viewing the products you have added.

Importing variable products

Check that the variable product import was successful

Check the product page now, to ensure that all the variations are there and that they can be added to the shopping cart/basket..

Finally, just double check the checkout process to make sure that you being take to the right products on Amazon.

And that’s it! Hopefully you found that useful. We can’t imagine you not finding it at least a bit helpful, especially if you have lots of Amazon products on your site. It could save you hours! And if you haven't got a WZone powered Amazon Affiliate site take a look at this tutorial.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I have followed all instructions , unfortunately woozone import feature is not working for me. Woozone stuck without any result. Please help me to fix.

  2. Hi There,
    My problem is that I am unable to get the Variations into WooCommerce. I have followed yours and others’ instructions and it is simple enough but for some reason every time I select IMPORT VARIATIONS (ALL) + ALL ATTRIBUTES, despite the log showing that variations do exist, I am unsuccessful. When I view the product I do not find any variations or attributes imprted. When I check in WooCommerce, true enough, the product was imported as a simple product. I have tried around 5 times now (trying to import flower girl dresses for children) and no luck. I am simply unable to load the variations into woocommerce using the NO API KEYS functinality.
    Please advice thanks.

  3. Hey, I get an error saying : Product Title not found? Any idea’s ? I have almost pulled an all-nighter because of this x_x,

    Kind regards

  4. Hey there,

    I have a error saying no product title found when I use import. Any idea’s ?

    Kind regards

  5. Hello. I am using Wzone Direct Import to import amazon products for my affiliate website. It works good. Except for when I import product variations. I’m not seeing the variations on my products page. Is there someting els I should be doing to display product variations. Again, it is for amazon affiliate site. I have the product data in the product page set to External / Affiliate Site. Should I set to Variable Product. If so would that work for Amazon Affiliate Links?
    Thanks in advance.

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