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What is Amazon oneLink and How Can it Benefit You?

Amazon OneLink is a little bit of script that could make a big difference to your business. It basically allows you to link multiple international Amazon accounts, to ensure you receive commission from any international traffic.

You might have a website that is built in English, for the UK market and with primarily British visitors. However, you might get visitors from other European countries like The Netherlands or Germany, and then you might get visitors from Australia or the US and Canada. As an Amazon Associate, you can allow those visitors from other countries to buy products via your website and affiliate links, therefore boosting your revenue due to this international traffic.

OneLink – a better user experience and higher conversion rates…

If visitors from abroad click on one of your affiliate links, OneLink will take them to their local, or nearest Amazon store. It is supposed to be a seamless link from your website to their version of Amazon where they probably already have an account, understand the language and see prices in their usual currency. So, if you’re doing your bit, it should result in a better overall shopping experience for the visitor and a higher conversion rate for you.

Sign up to Multiple Amazon Associate Programmes…

To use OneLink you do need an Amazon Associate account set up in all the countries you get traffic from, or where you would like to target and increase traffic. If you haven’t already done that, here are the links for each country’s Amazon Associates sign up pages:

  • For the US, sign up at:
  • For the UK, sign up here:
  • For Canada, sign up here:
  • For Italy, sign up here:
  • For France, sign up here:
  • For Spain, sign up here:
  • For Germany, sign up here:
  • For Japan, sign up here:

When we signed up for the German Amazon Associates account, we were asked if we wanted to join any of the other EU Amazon programmes, so that saved time. The others we had to manually.

Now, login to your Amazon Associates dashboard and go to Tools > OneLink and start to link your accounts.

To do that, just add your store or partner ID and click to verify.

Now you’ve added your partner IDs for all your Amazon Associates accounts, the next step is to add some code to your website.

We’re already using a plugin that allows us to add code into the website header or footer. If you’re not, go to Plugins > Add New and search for ‘Insert header and footer’ and you will get a list of plugins. We’re using Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner.

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, go to Settings, find the plugin and paste the OneLink code into the footer section and save.

And that should be that. OneLink is all ready to go and all you need to do now is start earning money!

If you've got any questions or comments, leave them below and we'll get back to you.

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  1. Alex, when you make a sale, is your earnings converted into your local currency? Also if you are using woocommerce, are prices displayed by the buyer’s location?

    1. Author

      Hi Bryan – I don’t think the earnings are converted. They will probably be converted by your bank when they are deposited. With regards to Woocommerce it will only show the price in the currency it’s set too..

  2. Love watching your videos so informative. With one link if you add a product to say your uk account will it automatically go into your other accounts. Keep up the great work Steve

  3. Hi Alex,

    How does the payment work with Onelink? For example, if someone from UK purchase something through my onelink, who’s gonna pay the commision? Amazon US or UK?

  4. Hi Alex!
    Thank you very much for the material you provide. But this time I really don’t get it:

    “And that should be that. OneLink is all ready to go and all you need to do now is start earning money!”

    But how? I set up the script and it’s in the source code.
    How do I make the links now? When I make a link with Site-Stripe on, but it on my site and use a US VPN (Anonymous Browser), the link still takes me to the German Amazon site. Shouldn’t it take me to the US Site instead? Or didn’t I get the concept at all?

    1. Author

      Hi Patrick – i’ve got a feeling that you must link to products. I’m not sure it works the other way around and can redirect from the “smaller” Amazon countries back to the US site. Let me know if you discover otherwise.

  5. Thank you so much for this amazing post. It really helped. What happens if you already have some affiliate links on your site – do you have to replace them after the setup or simply leave it at that and that would automatically take care of old Amazon affiliate links?

  6. Hi, trying to get this set up and tested, with the help of a US helper.

    I’ve linked my UK and US Associates accounts, copied the code and saved it to my website.

    I’ve then had the US helper click on an affiliate product on my website, which points to the UK Amazon Store.

    Am I right in expecting it to re-route her to the US Amazon Store for a matching product?

    If so, it doesn’t seem to work. The link continues to take her to the UK Amazon Store.

    Have you actually tested this yourself to see if it works?

    Thanks, Dave

    1. Author

      Of course, I’ve actually tested this. I think you have this problem because it’s designed to redirect links to the other countries. Not the other way around…

  7. Simple and easy tutorial, thank you. Quick question though, let’s say I already have a ton of links on my site that only point to the US store, if I add OneLink right now will I have to go through and add new affiliate links to these products that are already on my site? Or would they direct to the proper store automatically?

  8. Awesome Alex, thanks again. I’ve got one more quick question for you if you don’t mind. Once you sign up for other countries, about how long does it ake to get approved from them? I understand it’s probably different from person-to-person but how long did it take you?

  9. Hi – Thank you for valuable information
    I have copied the onetag code in the footer. Now when i click to my product it still takes to, It should take me to
    Pls advise what could be done now

  10. Hello Alex,

    I’ve set up One Link with the US and UK. I’ve genarared the links to products with but it does not seem to redirect to the other Amazon stores. Should I be generating the links from the US or is there a special way of generating One Link product links?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Kind regards


  11. Is there any way within this system of guiding which of numerous similar products/sellers the customer is sent to on non-US sites?

  12. Hey

    Could you also explain how to use OneLink for multiple sites if their Tracking IDs are under 1 affiliate account per region?

    Imagine that there are 2 sites both under the same account for each region, except the tracking IDs are unique to the sites themselves. 1st site is fully set up, but now I’m trying to add the second site into the mix. There’s seemingly no way to do that… Super frustrated. And I’ve read I’m not allowed to make more accounts for different sites separately without a consent from them beforehand.

  13. Is OneLink not working. I have read a few articles that either graphic, shortened text, or all links are not working. They say that the only way that is really working in I can’t even try because when I go to the OneLink page to get the tag, it is empty.

  14. Nevermind on the onelink code not being there, that was my stupid mistake. However, I do have some concern about it not working for certain link types from other articles. Although, most were from 2018.

  15. HI there! I really hope you can help me. I am not sure whether I am using onelink correctly. Even though I am Canadian, I originally set up a US account. Then I set one up for Canada and then the UK. I think I made a big mistake when I started to add links to my blog from my Canadian Amazon account, instead of the US one. I have gone back and changed a few of my blogs and so far, when people have tested out the links, the ones in Canada get sent to the Canadian Amazon site, and the ones from the US get sent to the US Amazon site. Whew. But how can I tell if I have actually done this correctly? One of the messages in my report on Amazon Associates states that “By default we have mapped our Canada account “…..” to your US account. Does that ultimately mean they are linked? Thanks in advance for your time. This is pretty darn confusing for me, and I don’t want to go and change all of the links in all of my blogs if it is for nothing. (I am including a link to one of my blogs that has been corrected, if it ultimately is corrected. haha)

  16. Thanks for your blog , I have a problem I’ve followed all the steps but there is not step 2 with the code for my web site (‘get the code here’ doesn’t exists). it goes directly to step 3 ‘ start earning’ … Where can I find the code? . Regards, Ana

  17. Amazon OneTag is not working anymore. How to implement onelink now a days? Would you please update the article now?

  18. Hi, Thanks for the detailed guide, I’m getting a lot of traffic from Australia and China, but onelink does not support these two and a few other countries. How I can earn this traffic? am losing a lot of $$…
    I I can place the Aus-affiliate links. My main ca is Amz-US and other UK Canada affiliate working fine with onelink.


  19. Hi, Thanks for the useful information, I have a problem with amazon OneLink for a long time, but still not fix. I don’t have even of one-click on a report of the UK and Canada which it’s impossible. I have a few question would like to ask you

    1. Theme selection, affects the redirect from the US to UK or Canada?
    (I use the Generatepress theme, I not sure it compatible with OneLink?)
    2. pattern of affiliate link I write is “”, that correct? This pattern can be redirected to other countries? If not, how can I write an affiliate link for OneLink work?

    Thank you very much.

  20. I used amazon onelink because it is a free tool then found out that it somehow affected my earnings and conversion rates. So i ditched it and started using genius link plugin. It eanbled me get an extra $50 per month which is a plus.

  21. Hi Alex! All your pages are super helpful, thank you so much!! I do still have problems with this and my links reconnection is not working. I put together one link, starting with the US account and then linking to different countries in Europe (my main focus). When I added affiliates to my site, it was all going to .com only. No footer anymore, as you mentioned (I just did this last week).

    Then I tried adding the Amazon Affiliate Globalizer plugin and tried putting some links from US, others from Germany…still not connecting me to my nearest Amazon store (which right now should be Spain).
    Then I changed the plugin to try Flovidy but again it doesn’t reconnect , why?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I am kind of desperate because meanwhile my trial period is running and I cannot reconnect my visitors to their stores..
    Please help!!

    I would also like to use the html for the images instead of the links, from the amazon affiliate bar, which I am guessing works exactly the same right?

    1. Author

      It seems to work ok for me. I clicked one of your .com links and I was successfully redirected to the

      Hope you got it sorted.

  22. Hi Alex,

    I am not having the STEP 2 option in my account. I have linked my accounts but not seeing the STEP 2 option that I need to copy the code and insert in the footer. Can you please help?

  23. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the article and your Youtube videos. It’s been helpful. I’ve installed Onelink in several of my blog articles but I’m now having doubts whether my links are actually redictering my readers correctly. I only seem to have link clicks from US readers even though I have readers from around the world. Would you mind checking some of the Amazon links on my website page (see website link) to see if they work?

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