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What is Amazon oneLink and How Can it Benefit You?

Amazon OneLink is a little bit of script that could make a big difference to your business. It basically allows you to link multiple international Amazon accounts, to ensure you receive commission from any international traffic.

You might have a website that is built in English, for the UK market and with primarily British visitors. However, you might get visitors from other European countries like The Netherlands or Germany, and then you might get visitors from Australia or the US and Canada. As an Amazon Associate, you can allow those visitors from other countries to buy products via your website and affiliate links, therefore boosting your revenue due to this international traffic.

OneLink – a better user experience and higher conversion rates…

If visitors from abroad click on one of your affiliate links, OneLink will take them to their local, or nearest Amazon store. It is supposed to be a seamless link from your website to their version of Amazon where they probably already have an account, understand the language and see prices in their usual currency. So, if you’re doing your bit, it should result in a better overall shopping experience for the visitor and a higher conversion rate for you.

Sign up to Multiple Amazon Associate Programmes…

To use OneLink you do need an Amazon Associate account set up in all the countries you get traffic from, or where you would like to target and increase traffic. If you haven’t already done that, here are the links for each country’s Amazon Associates sign up pages:

  • For the US, sign up at:
  • For the UK, sign up here:
  • For Canada, sign up here:
  • For Italy, sign up here:
  • For France, sign up here:
  • For Spain, sign up here:
  • For Germany, sign up here:
  • For Japan, sign up here:

When we signed up for the German Amazon Associates account, we were asked if we wanted to join any of the other EU Amazon programmes, so that saved time. The others we had to manually.

Now, login to your Amazon Associates dashboard and go to Tools > OneLink and start to link your accounts.

To do that, just add your store or partner ID and click to verify.

Now you’ve added your partner IDs for all your Amazon Associates accounts, the next step is to add some code to your website.

We’re already using a plugin that allows us to add code into the website header or footer. If you’re not, go to Plugins > Add New and search for ‘Insert header and footer’ and you will get a list of plugins. We’re using Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner.

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, go to Settings, find the plugin and paste the OneLink code into the footer section and save.

And that should be that. OneLink is all ready to go and all you need to do now is start earning money!

If you’ve got any questions or comments, leave them below and we’ll get back to you.

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  1. Alex, when you make a sale, is your earnings converted into your local currency? Also if you are using woocommerce, are prices displayed by the buyer’s location?

    1. Author

      Hi Bryan – I don’t think the earnings are converted. They will probably be converted by your bank when they are deposited. With regards to Woocommerce it will only show the price in the currency it’s set too..

  2. Love watching your videos so informative. With one link if you add a product to say your uk account will it automatically go into your other accounts. Keep up the great work Steve

  3. Hi Alex,

    How does the payment work with Onelink? For example, if someone from UK purchase something through my onelink, who’s gonna pay the commision? Amazon US or UK?

  4. Hi Alex!
    Thank you very much for the material you provide. But this time I really don’t get it:

    “And that should be that. OneLink is all ready to go and all you need to do now is start earning money!”

    But how? I set up the script and it’s in the source code.
    How do I make the links now? When I make a link with Site-Stripe on, but it on my site and use a US VPN (Anonymous Browser), the link still takes me to the German Amazon site. Shouldn’t it take me to the US Site instead? Or didn’t I get the concept at all?

    1. Author

      Hi Patrick – i’ve got a feeling that you must link to products. I’m not sure it works the other way around and can redirect from the “smaller” Amazon countries back to the US site. Let me know if you discover otherwise.

  5. Thank you so much for this amazing post. It really helped. What happens if you already have some affiliate links on your site – do you have to replace them after the setup or simply leave it at that and that would automatically take care of old Amazon affiliate links?

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