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Amazon OneLink enables you to link all of the Amazon Associate accounts you have from different countries. So, say for example you have an account with and you can connect the two. Once connected it doesn’t matter if someone clicks on your link and then ends up purchasing on, you should still get your commission.

It’s really easy to setup, but you do need to be registered as an Amazon Associate on all the countries you wish to link. The good news is that this is easily done when you register with a European Amazon, for example Germany, as you get the option to quickly register with other EU Amazon sites at the end of the process by simply clicking a button..

It’s easy to sign-up for multiple EU countries. Just sign-up for one then you can quickly do the rest with a click of a button!

Once you’ve registered, head over to your Associates dashboard on and select “OneLink”…

Select Onelink (only available on

Then enter all the IDs you have from the different Amazon Associate accounts you have. These are the main IDs, not sub tracking IDs you may have created.

Once that’s done, you just need to copy and paste some code into your WordPress site. You’ll find it the step two part of the setup process.

Copy the code into your clipboard

To easily add code to your site, use the “insert header and footer” free WordPress plugin. You can then easily paste the code in…

That’s it. You’re all done! Leave your questions and comments below…

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  1. Alex, when you make a sale, is your earnings converted into your local currency? Also if you are using woocommerce, are prices displayed by the buyer’s location?

    1. Author

      Hi Bryan – I don’t think the earnings are converted. They will probably be converted by your bank when they are deposited. With regards to Woocommerce it will only show the price in the currency it’s set too..

  2. Love watching your videos so informative. With one link if you add a product to say your uk account will it automatically go into your other accounts. Keep up the great work Steve

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