WP Eagle Spidrweb WordPress Hosting + Management

$75.00 including VAT

The ultimate hosting and management service. Includes our Website Hosting and Website Management service at a special bundle price.

This package helps you concentrate on making your content even better without having to spend time worrying about the mundane tasks us web creators undertake on a daily basis.



Hosting Service

  • We'll give you some disk space (10GB) as a starting point. More than enough for pretty much any blog. If you need more – just ask.
  • We'll give you unmetered bandwidth – no point in us worrying about traffic – We want you to have a busy site! Also we don’t measure visits (don’t know why other hosting companies do this)
  • We'll give you a managed WordPress website*. With support (My website is not working etc)
  • We'll transfer your site for you completely free of charge
  • You'll get Full daily backups of your database and all your files (offsite).
  • A Free SSL Certificate (Lets Encrypt) is installed and configured by default.
  • HTTP2 / PHP 7.4 (PHP 8.0 coming soon, Legacy versions available on request) / Anti DDoS (Network Level) / Wide Choice of locations
  • Email support
  • CDN can be setup with Cloudflare for you.


  • Disk Space – 10GB (But we monitor usage and will advise you if a site is unusually large)
  • Bandwidth – Unmetered, however, unusual activity will be noted and advised. (Same as other providers but they don’t tell you this)
  • Email – None
  • Number of Sites – 1 
  • Visits – Unlimited
  • Backups – Monthly (Free), Weekly, daily, hourly
  • SSL – Included
  • HTTP2 – Included
  • WordPress Support (For example, my site is showing this WordPress error)
  • Site Transfer – Included
  • Panel – None (Fully Managed by Spiderweb) – New panel coming soon.
  • Anti DDoS – Included
  • Location – Wide Choice.
  • PHP – Latest as standard, older versions are available on request
  • Support – Email
  • CDN – Cloudflare supported and can be set up if needed.

Management Service

Update Management

  • Core:
    • We typically defer updates to WordPress Core for a week until all issues are highlighted by the WordPress Community
  • Themes & Plugins:
    • This is where most vulnerabilities come from, so we ensure plugins and themes are fully updated as soon as highlighted by our weekly scheduler.
    • Let us know when the best time is to run updates.
  • Failback Updates:
    • Our failback update system allows us to easily restore your website via a snapshot taken before the update procedure takes place. We dont make any changes without a back out plan.

Security Check

Our advanced security scanner will scan your site against known web trust services such as Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET and much more. We also scan for plugin and theme vulnerabilities against vulnerability databases. So you're in safe hands!

Uptime Monitoring

There’s nothing worse than finding out if your affiliate website is down, after all an unreachable site is one that isn’t earning money.

Performance Monitoring

With performance and experience becoming a SEO benefit, ensuring that you have a fast website is beneficial to you and your visitors. We can monitor your site and advise you if there are issues you need to resolve.

Keyword SERP tracking

Up to 100 keywords can be assigned to your site and their position can be tracked on SERP results.

External Link Monitoring

For affiliate marketers, this is a must! We regularly scan your site for external links that have issues, (404, 410, 500 etc). We advise you what page and what link is broken. If it's just a typo – we'll fix it for you!

Monthly Reports:

Our Monthly Reports will tell you everything we have done including updates, monitoring, backups, Your SEO Rankings, Security, Performance and more.


Alongside the above we also monitor for spam comments, clean up post revisions, and optimize your WordPress database.

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