WP Eagle x Spidrweb WordPress Hosting

$39.00 including VAT

WPEagle and Spidrweb have teamed up to give the WPEagle community a truly unique and exciting hosting platform that gives you a fully managed WordPress experience.

Spend less time on managing and fixing your hosting issues and focus on your affiliate content.



We will do the following for you

  • We'll give you some disk space (10GB) as a starting point. More than enough for pretty much any blog. If you need more – just ask.
  • We'll give you unmetered bandwidth – no point in us worrying about traffic – We want you to have a busy site! Also we don’t measure visits (don’t know why other hosting companies do this)
  • We'll give you a managed WordPress website*. With support (My website is not working etc)
  • We'll transfer your site for you completely free of charge
  • You'll get Full daily backups of your database and all your files (offsite).
  • A Free SSL Certificate (Lets Encrypt) is installed and configured by default.
  • HTTP2 / PHP 7.4 (PHP 8.0 coming soon, Legacy versions available on request) / Anti DDoS (Network Level) / Wide Choice of locations
  • Email support
  • CDN can be setup with Cloudflare for you.

The Details

  • Disk Space – 10GB (But we monitor usage and will advise you if a site is unusually large)
  • Bandwidth – Unmetered, however, unusual activity will be noted and advised. (Same as other providers but they don’t tell you this)
  • Email – None
  • Number of Sites – 1 
  • Visits – Unlimited
  • Backups – Monthly (Free), Weekly, daily, hourly
  • SSL – Included
  • HTTP2 – Included
  • WordPress Support (For example, my site is showing this WordPress error)
  • Site Transfer – Included
  • Panel – None (Fully Managed by Spiderweb) – New panel coming soon.
  • Anti DDoS – Included
  • Location – Wide Choice.
  • PHP – Latest as standard, older versions are available on request
  • Support – Email
  • CDN – Cloudflare supported and can be set up if needed.

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