301 Redirects with WordPress

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If you change the URLs of post, pages or launch a new site with a different structure to the old one you'll need to add some 301 redirects. In this video tutorial I take you through setting up 301 redirects with WordPress.

If you don't add 301 redirects and Google finds lots of 404 page not found errors it will have a negative effect on your search rankings.


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  1. I always have questions 😉 …. I clicked on the 404 tab in the Redirection plugin and currently have 39- 404’s. How would I go about fixing this if I’m not sure on the new information I have for each of these (like where they are)?

  2. Scratch the last two messages. I think I got those…. what about 404’s that I have no idea what they are such as ” /item-model-number/23275/” ?

  3. Last comment for the day while its fresh on my mind….
    As I go through and add, do and sometimes make hasty decisions changing things around, I don’t always know what I’m actually doing behind the scenes to my own website until I run across one of your handy videos and think ” OH NO.. that’s what I’ve actually been doing” so.. what I think would be super handy would be some kind of app, or plug in, program or something to say “now that you did/changed this, you need to go over here and change that”. I know I sound crazy but, does that make any sense? Visitors must think my website is a mess and maybe untrustworthy (sad to think).
    My friend Ken has made an app but, this is more up your alley with WordPress stuff.
    To simplify I mean, if you can make money and make something like that, it would be really handy for wordpress newbies like me 😉 See you around 8:30 your time I believe.

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