How to Use Quora to Build Links and Generate Content

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Using the Quora Question & Answer Site to Build Links and Generate Content

Ever wondered if it’s safe to eat crab legs with black spots on it? Or if you can eat fish when you’ve got piles? Or how you respond to an absurdly low job offer? These are just some of the questions recently posed on Quora, the platform where you can get quality answers to your burning questions.

The key here is unique, quality answers to the questions being asked. It’s a bit like Reddit in that the higher ranked the answer, the more people will see it. This could be a great opportunity to grow your audience.

Build Links and Drive Traffic with Quora

In this video I’ve tested it out using my affiliate site, I recently had a great infographic made based on a blog post I wrote called 11 Tips to Safe Night Time Dog Walking. Now I want to drive more traffic to it. So, I head on over to Quora…

With my infographic and blog post I am looking to provide a good answer to a question with a view to linking to my website and driving traffic. So, I need to find a question to answer. The first thing to do is use the search box and start looking for relevant questions.

I’m searching using keywords from my blog post. ‘Dog walking at night’ is the first phrase I use, and it doesn’t yield any interesting results. I refine my search and add ‘safe’ to my keyword phrase. Again, not much luck so I change my search and look for ‘dog walking lights’. This time I find a question that I can provide an answer to.

I’m not just going to copy and paste my original blog post into Quora. I am going to re-purpose my content and make it more relevant to the question and more in-depth and thorough, with a link to my infographic and original post.

My advice is search based on your keywords and phrases and keep searching until you find a relevant question that you can leave a valuable, unique and engaging answer to. You can also add a link to your site in your answer.

Use Quora to Generate Content

Another great way to use Quora is to again, search using your keywords and phrases to see what people are asking about your niche or area of expertise and then produce content around that subject.

For example, if you sell wine, you could search for questions related to wine and see what people are interested in and asking about. There may be lots of questions about organic wine or bio-dynamic growing techniques and so you could produce content for your own website based on those findings.

There really are so many opportunities to use Quora to your advantage. Whatever your business; marketing, health, beauty, dog-walking, t-shirt printing, literally anything, you can find something relevant on Quora. And if you’re just looking for random, time-wasting fodder, there’s plenty of that there too!

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