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Writer's block can be a real problem for affiliate marketers. The content is the lifeblood of your site. You need to create lots of content. And if you haven't got a budget for writers, you're going to have to do it yourself.

But writer's block can slow you down. In this post, you're going to see how to overcome writer's block.

Solution for writer's block – Conversion.ai

The solution for all of you out there that have a problem with writer's block and want to get some content done is here. This is a fantastic new tool called conversion.ai, which uses artificial intelligence to help you create your content.

I know you probably think that a computer can't possibly write content. Or maybe you've used tools like that before. And all you get was rubbish content. I felt the same, and I was very sceptical about this brand as well. However, I've spent some time with it over the last few weeks. I've been playing with it, and I've been creating some content with it. And I must say that I was pretty impressed.

Quick note: They do offer a free trial. You can try it out for yourself and see how well it will work for you without risking anything.

Creating content with conversion.ai – My experience

I've been using it to create content for my affiliate marketing websites. I was using it for writing product descriptions. As you know, this having these written well is a crucial thing for your affiliate marketing content.

Pro Tip: This tool is fantastic at product descriptions. Of course, you need to research the product.

This is the first thing you need to do:

  • making a note of the features/benefits
  • Search for info on Amazon
  • take a look at product pages

You can easily make a good list of bullet points around a particular product.

After that, you need to stick those bullet points into conversion.ai, and it will create some text for you. I've been putting the information around the product, and then it's created some fantastic paragraphs about those products.

The copy that conversion.ai has been spitting out has been pretty good. And I've been able to use most of it. I was impressed with this part of the tool. I think for affiliate marketers, it's going to be valuable because we're writing about products all the time. This tool can easily speed up that process. It's going to save us so much time.

Blog post intro paragraph – Great Conversion.ai template

This is a tool that creates the first paragraph for you. Once you have that paragraph down, it will build momentum and allow you then to create your article.

Here is the info you need to type in:

  • your website name
  • your company name
  • you can specify an audience
  • put the title of the blog post

And conversion.ai does the rest. You can also specify a tone of voice if you like, so it matches your website's style. I found the output of this template to be outstanding. And I think this, combined with the product descriptions, could enable you to create most of your article using the conversion.ai alone.

One example where I've used this is over on bestpressurewasher.com

Can you create an entire article with conversion.ai?

By combining the different templates, you maybe could. As I mentioned earlier, by combining the intro with the product descriptions, you're pretty much nearly there. However, I still think there's going to be a human input required. And I did create a couple of complete articles with the tool. And they were for my other website knowledgeablemind.com

I used the blog post outline template from within conversion.ai to create a couple of listicle-type blog posts. They're all around facts. I had one on facts around animals and another on facts around art.

Creating a blog post outline with conversion.ai

All you need to do is enter the title. You can also set a tone of voice if you like initially. I was impressed with how quickly it spat out all these facts around animals and art.

However, when I started to look closer at the facts, a few didn't seem quite right. I researched on Google (fact-checking), and some of the points that it had generated weren't facts. They were utterly wrong. These two articles did require human intervention. I had to go through, and fact check all the facts. And the majority of the facts were wonderful.

If you use this tool, you will be able to create bits of content quickly. And get them added to your site. If you want to create list type posts for your site, then it can accelerate that process.

What did I like the most about conversion.ai?

I'm going to experiment with the other templates as well. But for me, the product description tool is just worth the subscription alone. That's because I'm writing them all the time, and this tool speeds up that process significantly.

Overall thoughts on conversion.ai?

I think this tool is excellent to overcome writer's block and get you started on either creating an article or for those product descriptions, as I mentioned. It's certainly beneficial at doing that. I think that the copy that it produces is high quality. It's not apparent that it's been created by a computer.

It looks like a human has written it. And this is impressive because I've tried out a couple of other article writing tools. I signed up for Kafka just the other day, and they were terrible. The fact that conversion.ai can create very readable stuff and looks like a human's written it – that's impressive!

The problems I noticed

Of course, now and again, it still spits out a little bit of gibberish, or it misses the point in terms of what you want it to create content about. And I guess that's to be expected. The majority of stuff that is generated for my site, I was able to use. There was another problem that I was experiencing with it, which I think was just a temporary glitch. And that was where it was cutting off bits of the content that is created.

It'd create a lovely paragraph or two, and then the last few lines would be missing. However, the guys at conversion.ai recognized that this was a problem, and they've already dumped a whole load of extra credits in my account. I was pleased with the way that they seem to be operating and their customer services. They seem like a decent company speaking of credits.

Here's what you get from this tool for $29/month:

  • 20,000 words
  • 28 templates
  • 10 team seats
  • chat support

You get 20 000 words of content. That's quite a lot because you're not going to be generating full articles. For most people, that should be plenty.

You might be concerned that the tool is just copying content from other people's websites. I ran a lot of the content generated for me through the Grammarly plagiarism detector, and it all came back absolutely fine.


I don't think that this tool is copying other people's websites. That would be a silly thing to do because they get found out pretty quickly. From that point of view, the copy that it generates seems to be unique.

Conversion.ai is undoubtedly something that I'm going to be keeping in my toolbox.

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