How to Update Woozone (Wzone)

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It’s important to keep all of your plugins up to date but it’s particularly important to keep plugins like WZone up to date. There are constant updates to prices and availability at Amazon, which are subsequently fed through to WZone. So, if you don’t keep WZone updated, you won’t be getting the new prices and stock levels, And if you don’t keep those prices and stock levels updated on your website, you could be penalised. So it’s important.

Most of the time you can update your plugins in the click of a button but we’ve been getting complaints from WP Eagle subscribers that they have been having trouble updating the WZone plugin in the normal way.

Fear not! There is the manual way, which is almost as easy as the normal way…

How to update WZone manually

We’re using one of our regular WP Eagle subscriber’s websites ( to demonstrate this method of updating Woozone manually…

Step 1 – Deactivate the plugin

Step 2 – Delete the plugin. You heard us right, delete the plugin. Don’t worry. You won’t lose any of your settings or history.

Step 3 – Go to Code Canyon and find your downloads page. In there you’ll be able to download the latest version of WZone. Download All Files and Documentation.

Step 4 – Extract the folder from the zip. It’ll simply be named after the version of the plugin, so 13.0 for example.

Step 5 – Go back to your website and add the WZone plugin like you would a new plugin. The WZone zip file is in the folder you just extracted and is called

Step 6 – Activate the plugin

Step 7 – Go to Woozone and check that all your settings and history are still there

That’s it! It’s not as scary as it sounds. Let us know how you get on. If you have any problems or questions, give us a shout.

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